Monday, September 29, 2008

Give... And Make A Difference

.....I'm very amazed by Oprah's Big Give because they are actually teaching the contestants to give the help to everyone especially to complete strangers. Giving is a a hard thing to do but it is the best fulfilment one could ever give. I'm not talking to the money aspect although it is one of the elements of the show. I'm talking more about the heart, giving needy people by sharing your innermost help. It cannot be achieved when you don't like the things that you do. Giving starts from our heart heart.
.....Their contestants, at first may say that giving is about money but eventually, they tend to realize that giving is about anything that you may do for others' lives that could eventually make a difference. The show doesn't fail to make my eyes burst in tears as I watch the episode. I'm glad to know that there is a show like this that emphasize influence. Influencing is very important as a leader especially when we're talking about spreading good deeds and principles that the world may follow. Contestants, expect the winner, may not have earn cash prize from the said show but then,for me, they will emerge victorious for they experienced and learned the art of giving and making a difference to other people. They will become role-models and assets of the society. For Oprah, she has the passion of making a difference and she's one of this generation's leaders for she exemplify positive deeds that everyone may follow.

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