Monday, September 22, 2008

Initiating Peace

.....I received a text message from the United Nations (U.N.) yesterday. The message goes like this:
.....Today is International Day of Peace. The United Nations calls for one minute of silence and encourages Filipinos to unite for peaceful Philippines and a conflict-free world.
.....This message was sent to me directly from the U.N. database and I'm glad that they made me aware regarding U.N. Anyways, here's my point of view regarding peace:
.....Peace is highly needed in our country because the conflict in Mindanao shows that this country is negatively elevating when it comes to peace. We often see war scenario in local news and it is an alarming situation for us and we, as citizens of this nation, should do something that would make our fellow citizens be aware of the issue that our country is facing. Peace was given to us freely by God and we must cultivate it. Peace should be a never ending element that can be found at the middle of a particular conflict. Without peace, our country will be drowning from chaos and when there's chaos, destruction is inevitable. So let us all work hand in hand in addressing this message to everyone. This is just a blog post until someone pays attention to this post and tries to do something for a change.

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