Friday, October 29, 2010

White But Evil

     Good versus bad, gods versus evils, protagonists versus antagonists. We always see these kinds of conflicts being included in television shows, books, theatrical plays, and even in different forms of artworks. And most of the time, good people or the "soldiers of heaven" are being portrayed as the white ones or people being associated with white-colored shirts or costumes while villains or the "slaves of darkness" are being portrayed as the black ones or characters being associated with black-colored shirts or costumes. Why? Because "white" symbolizes purity, cleanliness, and light (heaven) while "black" symbolizes darkness (hell). Through quick observation, one would say that "white" is universally accepted as the color that represents good while "black" represents evil. It may be true at one point, but when we start analyzing this concept in today's reality, this concept might not be applicable for the entire time and could sometimes be misleading. What do I mean by that? Well, let's take a closer look at one of the many fabricated realities of man - white lies.

     What is a white lie? According to Wikipedia, white lies are minor lies which could be considered to be harmless, or even beneficial, in the long term. White lies are also considered to be used for greater good. In addition to that, Encarta defines white lies as lies not intended to harm, but told in order to avoid distress or embarrassment. As I have observed from the two given definitions, I can easily tell that people are being encouraged to commit themselves to this kind of lie because of its positive features - harmless, beneficial, anti-suffering, embarrassment saver, and etc. But, are these features have enough reason for us to make our own white lies? Think again.

     All of the given definitions that I have read from books and opinions I've heard from the elders are very egoistic in nature. Why? Because the definition only assures me of one thing - making my own sets of white lies is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me to save only my ego and not my soul. We must always put in mind that no matter how light-weighted or harmless (as what the world tells us) this lie may be, it is still a lie - a lie that comes from evil and not from God. It is not true that a sin can be harmless once it has been associated to deliver positive results because, at the first place, it is still a sin. And what good does a sin has to give? Well, it has none. The bible always tells us that sins will lead us to everlasting death. In other words, white lies may offer us a very good promo, which is "enjoy now, suffer later". 

     Another thing that we should put in mind is the saying, "the end doesn't justify the mean." Yes, this is definitely true because a perfect output will always be imperfect as long as the input is made up of sinful elements. Or should I say... Glorious buildings (output) will always be weak as long as its foundation is made up of substandard materials (input) and its entire structure has been built in a very substandard method (process). In other words, we may be triumphant in some point in our life through the help of white lies but, at the end of the day, we are still considered plain liars and great sinners. Sinners that are capable of converting known facts into preferred fictions in order for our mind-sets to be altered and to have that sudden switch of thinking that what we're doing is not a sin because it delivers positive results.
     Before I end this post, allow me to share a quote that I personally made and tweeted last June 21, 2010. Here it goes:
"White lies were made by people, who want to make themselves
believe that what they're doing is acceptable
to the eyes of God."
 - Matthew S. Chua

     White lies are and will always be lies and the word "white" can't separate the fact that it is still part of the family of lies. And that's the fact! It is a fact that can be compared to the biological truth that a duck can only produce ducklings and not cygnets, which will later on become beautiful swans. This would only mean that by creating white lies, we are only glorifying ourselves and not God; and we're only pleasing our hungry ego and not our spirit.

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  1. Anonymous12:20 PM


    White also symbolizes status quo. During the times that the americans and europeans are the most powerful, they capitalize being white with power and blacks as weak, evil, slaves because that's what they were then. now, time has changed. the Asian's and for the exemption of the 1st american black president, the status has been changed.

    Your analogy of white lie to colors black and white and comparing it to your perspectives of good and bad tend to have loose ends. they lack clarity and parallelism is vague. better organize your thought patterns. you tend to jump from one idea to another. try to finish a particular idea and then jump to the next.


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