Friday, October 15, 2010

Inhumane Humanity

     Water... How important water is? We all know that it covers most of the earth's surface and is very abundant in nature but still, the question remains. Why should we be concerned about water?

     I remember one time when my entire consciousness was reversed onto a new direction. It was early in the morning when I'm listening to a local news channel over the radio while riding on a private vehicle. At first, I find the topic so typical and conventional (as in normal broadcasting) until I heard one of the news commentator said, "Some people are saying that the fight over clean drinking water [and not crude oil] will start the third world war." What I heard, since then, made me realize and contemplate on the possibility that it might really happen if we continue being reckless with our irresponsible actions and if we try to do nothing to correct the current situation that is already at its abnormal state. 

     As of today, water is beginning to be one of the major beneficiaries of man's selfishness, close-mindedness, and irresponsibility. And as I try to remember the previous news and events that I've attended, I can say that the basic design and purpose of water has been altered by humanity. Normally, the basic purpose of water is to support the needs of human and the entire living things here on earth. But as I can see  right now, water is beginning to be the source of different kinds of diseases, the current habitat of wastes, the carrier of mishandled crude oils, and etc. All of these given scenarios should be alarming and very shameful on our part considering the fact that we humans are the cause of these problems. 

     Through our self-centered and inhumane actions, we were able to create a mess that we alone are the prime beneficiary of its effect. It's a major slap on our face if we happen to realize that we always consider ourselves human and the most superior amongst other beings because of the fact that we were given  the will and a very high level of intelligence by our almighty God and yet, we act as if we are the most inferior creatures ever existed here on this planet due to our continuous irresponsibility and denial over different issues.   

     After all, maybe the third world war is coming. Or maybe, it is beginning to happen because what we are experiencing today is that we are already at war. A war against our own safety,  war against our own wrongfulness, war against our deregulated consciousness, war against our  self, and war against our survival! 

     We humans are intelligent and it's up to us if we choose to use that intelligence to correct the incorrect before things get worst. Today's issue is a challenge of how we choose to be different from other beings. It is a challenge of proving ourselves that we have  rightful will and the high level of intelligence. It's up to us to determine if we really are worthy of calling ourselves "humans".

This post is for Blog Action Day 2010

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