Wednesday, October 20, 2010

YLKD Topic: Social Enterprise

     Social Enterprise… What is Social Enterprise? At first, I find social enterprise as something that is somewhat new to my ears and something that is being sensationalized by different charitable institutions, individuals, and social-related organizations through the use of intensive marketing strategies and media visibility. But my understanding about social enterprise began to go deeper right after we had our first kapihan forum last October 8, 2010 at the World Bank Knowledge and Development Center.

     While listening to Atty. Paciano D. Casanova’s lecture about the nature and beauty of this trending word-of-mouth, my mind begins to open and welcomes the coming of a new and unique door that leads my consciousness towards a newer and better kind of direction. According to him, Social Enterprise is simply a social mission plus market-based innovation equal to sustainable social change wherein the two factors to consider are social ills and profits. Upon hearing that simple thought, I was able to realize that Social Enterprise is like an abstract painting that can sometimes be defined as simple, ordinary and unappreciated art and yet, capable of delivering a very complex meaning.

     And as I began to contemplate, I came to see Social enterprise as a simple phrase that contains a compilation of extraordinary words such as innovation, involvement, response, responsibility, creativity, impact, difference, and a lot more. It is like a small bag that contains so many important items, wherein each item is considered a priority and a “should-have-to-bring” because of its usefulness and purpose.

     It’s so nice to know how social enterprise began to be appealing not just to my ears, but also to my deeper sense of thinking because of its cool concept, which I likened as a marriage of two different words coming from two different worlds. As for the record, the word “social” means community while “enterprise” means business. “Social” is somewhat very common in the world of community-based organizations and institutions while “enterprise” comes from the business world. Before, these two words have no relation and connection with each other in which one has nothing to do with the other. But when these two words were placed side by side, they became so powerful and life-changing to people that has less in life. It is such a gamble and (at the same time) a very creative kind of thinking to combine these two words in order to operate in a whole new direction without the chance of limiting the nature and capability of each of the two.

     I believe that those chosen few, who already have established their social enterprise, are somehow blessed people because they were able to have the right ingredients in them. For me, those people have both the heart of a passionate and caring leader, who seeks for a positive change in a community; and an intellect of a good businessman, who spends most of his time thinking innovative and doable solutions for his business to prosper. I admire those types of people because they are enjoying these two components in a form of helping people that are in need. Acquiring these two precious elements isn’t easy and when the time comes that I have already obtained these two perfect ingredients, the next step that I could think of is deciding whether I’m going to use these ingredients for my own prosperity or for the prosperity and betterment of everyone. And for my own decision, I would choose to use it for the prosperity of everyone because I choose to be a nation-builder and I choose to be a social entrepreneur! How about you? What would you choose?

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