Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blog Action Day 2010: Water

     The much awaited Blog Action Day is finally coming! Exactly three (3) nights left before October 15, where two thousand plus (2,000+) bloggers from 113 countries are expected to blog about one alarming topic - water. October 15, 2010 will surely be remembered throughout centuries to come as Blog Action Day 2010 will  again set a record of unity solicited from different influential bloggers around the world. Before the said date, let me first give you a little background about the event.

     Blog Action Day is a call for action that was initiated last 2008. It was designed to deliver a certain cause or advocacy to the world by asking bloggers from different parts of the globe to be united as one by means of blogging about a specific topic on a given date. Since then, Blog Action Day became a phenomenon and a date-to-remember for bloggers here in the blogosphere. Way back in 2008, Blog Action Day presented an alarming topic for everyone to contemplate - Poverty. It was then followed by Climate Change in 2009 in response to its ever growing effects worldwide. Today, Blog Action Day 2010 has provided another alarming topic for us bloggers to discuss - water.  

     Let me not elaborate on why or how does this topic was chosen. Instead, allow yourselves to be moved by this video presentation (below) for you to understand the importance of this topic.

     On October 15, 2010, expect us (bloggers) to post our thoughts about this year's topic and to, once again, deliver a worldwide phenomenon that can awaken humanity's sleeping consciousness about the importance of one of man's basic needs - water.

Bloggers, be sure to use that very influential skill (blogging) in making a stand to contribute to the change that this world needs! Please click HERE to register.

For my readers, be sure to sign your petition to support the United Nation's effort in bringing clean and safe water for everyone! Kindly sign up your petition through the widget that can be found below.

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