Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Sunset of Victory

     At last! My second semester is finally over! I'm so relieved right now because it is time to say goodbye to academic papers! Summer break is finally here and it allows me to focus on my professional field of interest,  one-on-one Photoshop tutorial sessions, photo manipulation works, and full-time blogging! Isn't that good news? 

     It has been a semester of sleepless nights and loads of mathematical computations. And finishing the semester is really an achievement. To my fellow students (regardless of what your level is), I salute you for finishing the semester! With all those sufferings and dilemmas you've faced, you did prove to the world that you are strong and courageous because you completed your battle. Your fight may not yet be over, but you do have the right to celebrate victory! 

     This summer break is your chance to regain your strength and to prepare for the next battle. Continue to equip yourself with things  - physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually... and financially - that you may be needing along the way towards success.

Be bold... be strong... be prepared!

 The above photo shows the beautiful sunset, 
which greeted us after we were being freed from the bondage of this semester. 
It simply tells us that our academic sufferings for second semester are finally over. 
What a beautiful sem ender scene!

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