Friday, May 10, 2013

Summer Musical: The Recital

     Tomorrow's the day (May 11, 2013) for our Summer Musical and this only means that tomorrow will be Uno kids' very special day - recital. 

     It has been a month-long preparation for all of us just to make this event happen. We (U! Happy Events core team) did everything to hone the talents and to boost the confidence of these kids. The foundation provided seasoned acting coaches, vocal coaches, dance choreographers, and a very conducive venue for these kids.

     Uno kids did take a lot of effort and commitments in every workshops set for them. They showed us their talents and their willingness to be transformed into the next shining artists of this generation. Good thing they were given such opportunity like this.
     The production team are also busy doing all necessary elements - which includes doing video presentation, PowerPoint presentation, painting of backdrop, and creating props. I'm part of the production team and that alone requires me to unleash all my hidden gems - from being their layout artist to being their painter. 

     As you are reading this post, allow me to invite you to be one of our audience/volunteers for tomorrow's event. This event means a lot to me because I can really relate with these kids. I was a former theater actor and acting was one of those things I love doing. But, I grew up very shy and really lack confidence that's why it took me several years before I finally reveal to the public that I love acting and I really love performing in front of the crowd. And if it wasn't because of the right people I've been with, I bet I won't have the chance to change myself, to explore my other skills, and to let people know my talents.   
     Be sure to be part of this Musical, which will allow you to reminisce those happy moments during your younger years. Catch the event at CCF Makati (3rd floor of A. Venue Mall, Makati Avenue), 10:00 AM. The ticket only costs 300.00, which includes ID, food, and up-for-grab items. See you tomorrow guys!

For more info, please visit our website by clicking HERE.

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