Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Becoming World-class: An Artist's Dream

     Digital t-shirt printing business is blooming fast in the industry just like how mushrooms multiply in their environment. I've seen a lot of these digital t-shirt printing ventures everywhere and I don't consider it a phenomenon. It's just that the idea is so trendy and one would only  need a machine, some Photoshop know-hows, a taste for good design, and you're done!  Some of the people I know both in Facebook and in person are already gaining money out of this business. And a good friend of mine has recently joined the group.

     This friend of mine has just started her digital t-shirt printing business with her brother. They bought the equipment just days ago and they're now doing some test runs. Yes, theirs is just days old compared with the others. But it's not an excuse not to treat them as a threat by their competitors. Months before buying the equipment, we were already conceptualizing and collaborating series of designs, which will [soon] be sold to costumers. Yes, "we". They commissioned me to be their main artist, Photoshop trainer, and web developer at the same time. Now that's flexibility... agree?

     Just a couple of days, my friend was able to talk to a prospective client based in the United States and she instructed me to create a design that will suit for the theme of this year's Philippine Independence Day Commemoration, which will be held in Hawaii. I did make one last night and earlier this morning, she told me that they've closed the deal and my design is now subject for production. The news really gladdens me because it is considered an overwhelming feeling for an artist, whose design will be worn by thousands of people living across the globe. I'm really thrilled to do more designs for them and I'm really looking forward to grow more as a world-class artist not just through the aid of Deviantart, but also through the help of global brands!

     This is your author, Matthew Sanchez Chua/Artistmat/Zymedruoun (in Deviantart), and this is my dream... which is slowly becoming a reality!

Photos courtesy of: Ciiwa and Lulusoso

     For people within Manila interested to learn Photoshop, I'm still conducting one-on-one tutorials. Read the article by clicking THIS

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