Thursday, April 04, 2013

Bullying: Memoir of a Victim

     Bullying... I know this word and I'm really familiar of this... simply because I've been there. Yes, you read it right. I am a victim of bullying when I was in grade school. I fell short on their traps several times, but I didn't let them steal my entire life.

     I did struggle a lot from them and knowing the kind of feeling back then is not a good part to remember. But I still do remember all of it. It was a hellish kind of ride considering that I was studying in a Catholic School.

     Yes, I remember all of it... but it didn't make me weaker. I faced life as if such history didn't matter at all. And instead of becoming inferior, I became the opposite of it. And Instead of using it as an excuse of not being strong, I used it as a motivation to become stronger. This kind of attitude made me become who I am today. From a kid being bullied... I became a student leader, a degree holder, and an inspirational speaker. Had I let those instances ruin my dreams, I'm not gonna reach this far.

     Reality check... I'm still here standing.... fighting... and doing my very best to become someone I really dreamed of. How about them, where are they now? I wonder if they made use of their bullying prowess... if not, I just hope that they're now successful and they've changed for the better.

     Bullying can be considered a catalyst of how a person decides for his/her life. Not everyone can turn those bad memories into motivations. Most of the time, those memories became their prime reason to give up and not to continue their battle. Bullying is not healthy and it is present in schools - the kids' second home - most of the time. Let's open our minds and try to resolve this out. Let's say no to bullying!

     Below is an anti-bullying campaign music video, which is entitled "Katulad ng Iba" (Just like the others), by Gloc-9 featuring Zia Quizon, written by Aristotle Pollisco.

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