Sunday, April 07, 2013

Tear-jerking Moments

     I spent the night watching performances of Demi Lovato (one of my favorite singers) and other artists, who have done their own renditions of the America's National Anthem "Star-spangled Banner". I was doing random selection of artists until I went on watching Charice Pempengco's version. And because it was already Charice's version I'm watching, Youtube does its stuff of recommending videos that have Charice in it. 

     I'm not a fan of Charice. But because curiosity strikes, I went on watching her other performances especially those videos that show how she started her career in USA. Videos showing a young girl struggling her way up just to fulfill her ultimate dream. And there it was... my eyes went on teary.

     Go on and judge me, but this is who I am. My eyes easily go teary when I'm watching shows that contain hopes, dreams, struggles, and determinations in it. These elements (when combined) become my natural tear-jerker.  

     With a single hope, dreams arise; and from a single dream, personal struggles occur; and from there, determination sparks. This is how I always viewed these elements. And watching those TV shows that have these elements made me produce tears of joy. 

     While having my personal moment of gladness, I was reminded of Jabbawockeez and their success story when they joined America's Best Dance Crew. I am a fan of the said dance crew and by watching episodes they had (from their audition until their final battle, where they were declared winner), made me experience the same kind of feeling. I don't know how you explain it, but I considered it a natural phenomenon. 

     Hopes, dreams, struggles, and determinations bring out different sets of emotions and it's just so amazing how these elements can easily reveal the human in us. Yes, we are humans. But, there are just times when we really need to be reminded of what we are and what we should feel for others during their triumphs. No enviousness, no hatred, just happiness.

     Let me end this article by leaving these simple thoughts... We are humans and it is just natural for us to be happy when we find out that our fellowmen have been able to achieve their ultimate dreams. They are also a part our family and their achievements are a piece of our own's too.

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