Thursday, April 11, 2013

Summer Musical: Be Part of Kids' Transformation

     Summer break, which lasts for two (2) months, allows kids to have time dedicated in learning other skills and in developing their talents by attending summer workshops. This is the main reason why U! Happy Events came up with one of this year's major projects entitled "Summer Musical". 

     Our aim here is to give kids of UNO undergo a series of acting, dancing, and singing workshops and give them opportunity to perform their improved crafts in front of three hundred (300) volunteers.

     An initial workshop was conducted last Saturday (April 6, 2013) and I am proud to say that the room was filled with talented kids. I saw them (kids) having the potential of performing well. And I personally believe that after those series of workshops, they'll be transformed into entertainers worthy of catching the spectator's eyes. 

Below, is our teaser video for "Summer Musical", which was taken during the first workshop.   

     Want to witness the transformation of these kids? Dedicate your spare time in volunteering for U! Happy Events. Remember that your presence, support, and guidance are important. 

Come on... be part of us... and be part of CHANGE!

For more information,
kindly contact U! Happy Events
by clicking HERE.   


  1. Good job! How noble thing to be a part of an advocacy like this. :)

    1. Yes it is noble... offering kids the tool they may need for their future is like giving them a new hope


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