Monday, April 15, 2013

Thai Movies and More

     I've been watching Thai movies since last week. Most Thai romantic comedy movies are very long, yet worth watching and definitely worth my time. I do fell in love with Thai movies that even at this point, I just finished watching a Thai movie. And after writing this piece, I will definitely watch for more. I think it is proper for me to commend YouTube for taking efforts in doing internal changes. As you may don't know yet, movies can now be viewed in complete/full for just one click or view. It's way different than before that after watching 1/10 of a particular movie in YouTube, the next thing to do is to search for its continuation - 2/10. Kudos YouTube!

     The other thing that I fell in love with is their language. In fact, I'm on my quest of learning and mastering Thai language. I'm really confident that I'll be able to learn everything including proper execution of their accent. I find Thai accent a little bit similar to the accent of my native tongue, which is Ilonggo I'm optimistic that I'll be able to master it just like how I've mastered Tagalog accent. In case you might ask, I mastered Tagalog accent for the purpose of communicating well without letting people know that I came from the province unless I tell them. And as of this moment, I can now say basic Thai words including their numbers. I'm taking it slow by memorizing a number of words a day until I memorize everything. And by the time comes, I'll  visit and explore the beauty of Thailand.
     Have you watched any Thai movies? Can you recommend a movie for me to watch for? If the answer is yes, please do include it on your comment. And for my dear Thai readers, want to share anything related to Thailand? I'll be happy to hear from you guys!

Khawp-khun khrap! 

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