Sunday, April 28, 2013

Summer Musical: As Kids Turned Artists

     Everything is set for U! Happy Events' Summer Musical with Uno Kids. All four workshops were conducted in preparation for the kids' recital on May 11, 2013. Talents were discovered, shared, and developed with the help of our professional performers.  
     These kids have given their best during those workshops and it's time for them to show the outcome of their hard work in front of the audience. No doubt, they've done their part... and it's time for us to do ours by watching them perform what they've practiced. Let's support and encourage them by simply gracing their big event. 
     Save the date and be one of our volunteers this coming May 11, 2013. Come and witness how these kids come out of their own cocoon and perform in front of us as fully-developed artists! 

See you there!
for more information regarding this event,
kindly visit U! Happy Events

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