Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Blog Action Day 2008

......I've received an email from the Blog Action Day team and the content of the message is about the Blog Action Day 2008. They contacted me because I was one of their participants last year. Last year's theme is different from this year's because their purpose is to deliver a specific concern each year. Their our theme last year is about the environment while this year, we will be tackling about poverty. Poverty is one of the major concerns of the world for it can hit everyone with its phenomenal impact. I immediately responded from their message by having myself registered to their site. Another day in a part of the history because of this program. Great numbers of blogger around the world will be telling about one issue and that is poverty. Expect a big difference of October 15, 2008 as we, bloggers, do our part in spreading the awareness for everyone to understand. Be part of this movement by visiting their site at I'll be expecting you to be part of our movement. Let's all unite as one big community of blogger! Involve yourself if, you want to make a difference!

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