Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Inspiration: The Mirror Of One's Self

.....What does one have to do with the other? Will one have the capacity of changing the other through his ways of facing life's trials? Will the other, eventually, responds and appreciates the other? Will he be able to follow the things being implemented by the other? All of these questions are pertaining to a scenario that has something to do with real-life inspirations.
.....Inspiration is something being acquired or achieved by a person to someone that he/she thinks that that person deserves his/her inspiration. Inspiring someone can be considered as entrusting your life and following what that person had started during his/her entire stay on earth. I'm now pertaining to the deeper side of inspiration. Inspiration is indeed acquired by many people who have touched by that certain person being inspired by them. They tend to follow the deeds of that person in order to achieve a specific goal. Inspiration has something to do with self-motivation for it motivates a person to be someone as equal as his/her inspiration. I'm touched when somebody treated me as one of their inspirations because I know that through me, I'm able to do something great to their everyday life. Of course, I have no intentions of breaking that bond that they have established between the two of us. I don't want them to feel that particular strange emotion where they will experience that breakage. I don't want them to feel regret because of making them realize that I'm not worthy to be followed as a good example. If it is easy for them to be inspired and moved by my rightful yet simple deeds, then it is a lot easier for them to be disturbed if I'll do something that would turn them off.
.....Remember what I've said earlier, inspiration is a self-motivation. If you are one of the causes that will motivate them do better, then humbly lend yourself to them because you are already attached to their everyday living. It is an honor to be inspired by others and consider it as a reward for doing good and a challenge to do even better for others to follow. Now, let me ask you this question. Do you want to be inspired by others?

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