Saturday, August 23, 2008

SURP Mania

......Last Wednesday, me and my group of classmates went to the School of Urban and Regional Planning (SURP) in University of the Philippines (U.P.) to research for data that will support our thesis proposals. When we entered their library and started browsing the contents of every books, we all felt awkward. Why? It's because every book contains very important information and it has the possibility to be included in our respected thesis. What's even worse is that we had the hard time of deciding on which of those books will be photo copied and will be passed to our professor considering the fact that we only have a limited budget during that time. Anyways, we'll go there again this Monday for us to gather more data.
......What's really interesting is that the place is like a haven for us students and professionals taking the field of urban and regional planning for it stores a lot of books and information raging to different kinds of topics. Pollution, traffic, informal settlements, environmental concerns. Just name it, it's there. I'm truly grateful that our generations have the opportunity to have the knowledge invested by different generations who lend their expertise to the field or urban and regional planning. They can truly by named as the leaders this profession.

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