Sunday, August 10, 2008

GK At 08/08/08

.....The date 08/08/08 is very significant to most of the people. In fact, some of this year's great events were celebrated during that date. Some believe that it has something to do with luck while others see its value for it can be remembered easily. The opening of the much awaited Beijing Olympics, concerts, launching and many more. I won't talk about the Olympics like most people do instead, I'll talk about the event which I have attended during that specific date.
.....Me and my fellow volunteer, Moniqu, have attended the launching of G.K.'s Designers' Village Campaign. The timing is just right in presenting to the public its newest campaign and soon-to-be-village for it will eventually become another trademark for both G.K. and the Philippines. The said event was held in NBC Tent located in The Fort, Taguig City (also known as global city). The place was filled with lots of prominent people, famous personalities, professionals, volunteers and etc. All were there excited and showed great interest in witnessing such an event that defies hope. The speakers made the audiences inspired by the time that they started talking and visualizing on one of G.K.'s amazing plans.
.....It is also a significant event for me not only because I'm part of G.K. but also because of the fact that I'm studying Architecture and we will be of big help in designing the said village together with those top Architects who were also present and showed their willingness to render their expertise in helping G.K. achieve its goals.
.....In conclusion, the event made people realize that everything is possible when one would initiate to build what he/she has dreamed for. Dreams will always be dreams and no one will know about it unless you'll be telling it. It is good for people to know but it is much better for people to see and experience that your dream became part of the reality.

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