Saturday, August 23, 2008

Starting It Right

.....Last Wednesday, me and my fellow officers have our team building session at the La Mesa Eco park in Quezon City. But before telling you the entire details, I believe that I haven't told my readers regarding my latest mission. I'm the Architectural Students' Association of the Philippines Incorporated (ASAPhil Inc.) National President. The organization holds different campus chapters around the Philippines. It's another challenge for me to be part of such organization especially the level that I'm into. This is actually lending my services and leadership prowess to a whole new level. This is not about our department and either our school where I'm currently enrolled to. This time, It's about the world outside the school. In a national level to be exact. This is about giving our best in lending our services toward different school chapters.
.....Now, let's go back to my earlier topic. We had our team building session there and it was conducted by me. The idea of conducting such activity is for my team to realize the world that they're in and for us to be bonded us one. I'm just making sure that before we initiate our activities, we all know our worth and what difference we can contribute for the organization. Let's put it this way, if one would like to change the world, one would start changing his/her personal character; If one would like to understand the world together with its problems, one would simply start understanding his/her own self and problems; and if one wants to learn from the world, one would need to start learning from the nearest person that is part of the world, his neighbors.
.....To end this discussion, my team did appreciate the activity that we made that day and I'm pretty sure we have a great chance of hitting the target that we're aiming. I hope that you learned something from this post and of course, from this blog of mine. Thank you for reading!

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