Sunday, August 10, 2008

G.K. Hopping

.....Yesterday, Me, and Monique went to G.K. Talanay and witnessed the DHL Volunteers' Day. They prepared programs that officially starts their build. We didn't witnessed the whole event for we together with Ms. Grace (a new G.K. volunteer) Dr. Erick and Mr. Benjie, G.K. advocates, have our own sets of scheduled appointments for that day. We visited multiple G.K. sites located in different part of Quezon City. We were fortunate to meet, greet, and mingle with G.K. beneficiaries. What we did is some sort of a mall-hopping activity but instead of malls, we where actually visiting villages. Villages that showcased the dream of former squatters, the hope that motivates us the Philippines can rise against poverty and a binding force that shows greatness amidst tons of crises.
.....It is a fulfilment for me to visit those villages that were created and made possible by people that sees life in a much deeper perspective. Gawad Kalinga, Translated in English as "To give care", is really a miracle that God has sent for the Philippines in order for the Filipinos to see the much greater values that life has to offer. Love, hope, dream, work, cooperation, and a lot of other values were taught by the said organization. It even teaches me to become free. Free from the box where I' once belong. With this post, I'm able to express the joy that comes out from myself that I haven't yet revealed from my past posts. Now, a may officially announce loud and proud that I, MMatthew S. Chua is a G.K. Volunteer! I don't need to wait for the time that I'm going to be a licensed Architect because at this moment, I'm already an Architect... An Architect of hope!

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