Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Super Strikes Again

.....I was riding on a transport bus when for the second time, I saw the crazy man standing with an improvised costume made from our national flag. He's standing at the same place where I last saw him. The only difference is that he's not waving to his audience instead, he's standing-still focusing his attention forward. He exhibited a dramatic post of a superhero-like figure. With that, I got a chance to witness and see the full details of his costume. I noticed that some of his props were improvised knife and gun made from some sort of an illustration board.
.....Upon noticing his appearance, I can't help but to wonder why this man starts to appear in a public place wearing his improvised superhero suit from our own national flag. He appears to be so proud of it that he even showed his self for everyone to see in a standing-still position. Is he trying to imply a lesson that we do not yet understand? Does he wanted to be the nation's icon in terms of crises? Is he trying to become one of our country's protectors?
.....For my own point of view and personal interpretations, I believe that this man wants to deliver an important message for each and everyone of us. He maybe crazy but then he has these guts of showing to the people that everyone has the capacity of becoming a hero on its own. Everyone has his/her specific role in this nation. We just need to be vigilant and have our minds open for us to know our part in building this nation. I can't argue with people that wants to emphasize that that man is crazy and what he's doing is just part of his mind's illusion and I don't need to interpret his actions in a deeper sense. I still believe that everything that's happening here has a purpose and meaning driven by those external forces. These forces has their own capacity of letting us know things that we need to do. God, for instance, has his own unique way of telling us his message. Again, people may argue with me through these sets of ideas. All I know for now is that I'm doing my own part in contributing for this country to prosper.
How about you?... What's your part?

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